Invicta Watches Review

Invicta is a Swiss brand making a big name for itself in the US for affordable luxury watches. With the quality of the pieces they make it’s not hard to see why! They sell hundreds of thousands of wrist watches a year, incorporating Japanese movements powered by the motion of the wearers wrist, that’s right! Every time you move your arms it will charge the watch, meaning no more batteries, but on the downside, if it isn’t worn for 8 active hours a day, it will run slower and could stop!

Still, they are extremely affordable wrist watches, well styled and have an innovative solution to having batteries as long as you’re active! If you want my opinion fast:

invicta-watches-89280b-review invicta-watches-1774-review invicta-watches-89260b-review invicta-watches-6620-ii-review invicta-watches-17204-review

So with the brand growing quickly into a major name, what about the range of Invicta watches? Which ones are the best ones to look for? Welcome to my Invicta watches review!

Invicta Watches Review: Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver 23k Gold-Plated and Stainless Steel Two-Tone Automatic Watch


A great price for a watch with 23k gold plated bezel and two tone stainless steel and gold plated wrist strap. These semi-gold watches for men, are beautifully styled with a royal blue watch face, offset with stunning white with gold trim numerals.

Driven by a Japanese motion charging movement, with a see through back to allow the owner to view the hundreds of quality parts that make up the mechanism, this watch is a seriously well engineered timepiece. It is also water resistant to 200m (660ft).

Invicta Watches Review: Men’s 1774 Pro-Diver Collection 18k Gold Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Watch

invicta-watches-1774-reviewSlightly lower grade gold, but these ion-plated gold watches still look simply stunning. The champagne watch-dial, with white numeral highlighted with thin gold edging sets this off with a quality look.

It is water resistant to 200m (660ft) and features Invicta’s motion charged Japanese quartz movement. It may not have the see through case back of the 89280B Pro-Diver, but has all the same functionality in a package that is in my opinion, a little more refined and elegant.

Invicta Watches Review: Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Link Bracelet


This all stainless steel watch is stylistically very simple, but it works! A simple black dial with contrasting white numerals and hands, combined with black bezel and fully stainless steel watch and wrist strap keep things elegant and affordable.

It has the same mechanism and features as the previous wrist watches, water resistance to 200m (660ft) and a motion charged Japanese quartz movement. It also features the see through reverse so you can see that brilliantly engineered mechanism. An analogue display, settable date cylinder and Invicta’s one year warranty complete the package.

Invicta Watches Review: Men’s 6620 II Collection Chronograph Stainless Steel Silver Dial Watch

invicta-watches-6620-ii-reviewThis Invicta 6620 II watch would be a beautiful edition to any collection. An every day watch at a great price point. Featuring polished stainless steel casing, bracelet and dial, offset with matt silver and black markings on the dial and bezel, it truly is an elegant watch, that can multi-task as a formal or everyday watch.

This Invicta watch features the standard one year warranty, water resistance to 100m (330ft) and is the first of my Invicta reviews to feature a true Swiss watch movement. Together this makes it an utter bargain at under the magical $100 mark!

Invicta Watches Review: Men’s 17204 AVIATOR Stainless Steel Casual Watch

invicta-watches-17204-reviewSimply put, one of my favourite of the Invicta watches! A fantastically sharp, smart casual to every day work watch. The Stainless steel band combines with a black dial that is superbly offset by the red and white numerals and markings. This piece… Just. Looks. Gorgeous!

Featuring the standard one year warranty, water resistance to 100m (330ft) suitable for snorkelling and swimming and with a Japanese Quartz movement, all at a price that won’t bust the bank. The thing about this watch is it is a statement piece, and what a statement it makes.

The Best Invicta Watch?

It’s a three way tie! I really like the 6620 II Collection Chronograph, but I also like 1774 Pro-Diver, the ion-plated 18k gold watch, as well as the 17204. Each of them is elegant and offers just a little more in their respective niches than the other Invicta watches.

On price I would edge towards the 6620 II Collection Chronograph as the better value, but the 1774 Pro-Diver is a real statement of worth, without the exorbitant price tag of solid gold watches. Sure it’s got lower gold content then the 23k gold plated 89280B but its just that little more subtle.

As far as the other watches, it’s not that they’re bad choices, just that in my opinion you get a little more value out of the 6620, 1774 or 17204.