Citizen Watches Review

What about Citizen Watches? Citizen is a Japanese watch maker, specialising in creating watches of beauty, craftsmanship and leading technology. They introduced their revolutionary light powered: Eco-Drive in 1995 and have gone on to create watch mechanisms that are not only powered by light, but are auto adjusting to the local time zone and incredibly accurate thanks to their atomic clock technology.

These watches make perfect gifts for men. Whether you are after something stylish or functional, Citizen watches make unique gifts for men that will show you truly care! That’s why we’ve written this Citizen watches review. If you just want the summaries:

citizen-mens-bm8475-26e-reviewcitizen-mens-bl5470-06a-review citizen-mens-bl5250-02l-review citizen-mens-at9010-52e-review citizen-mens-at98020-54l-review

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty and look at these watches in a bit more detail, to see which of these Citizen watches is best!



Are you looking for a clean and simple work, or every day, watch with a bit of personality? The BM8475-26E features a solid tan, faux leather strap set off by a matt black stainless steel coating, further highlighted with burnt orange numerals.

Water resistant to 100m this affordable and minimalistic watch, with a Japanese quartz movement is a sure winner at a great price! Overall, a decent and characterful watch at an affordable price.



A nice watch at a good price, the BL5470-06A features the Eco-Drive solar technology but lacks the atomic time keeping from its package. The Dial is beautifully modern and sleek with the numerals on the five minute intervals sliced through by the slight pattern change of the inner solar panel built into the watch face.

The thing I question about this watch is that exact same sleek timepiece on a somewhat clashing croco-embossed band… I just find it a very confused combination. The piece is neither fully modern, fully retro nor a dress watch. It doesn’t seem to know what section of the market it is looking to target.



Taking a slightly different tactic is the BL5250-02L, which combines a leather strap with a sleeker but far subtler matt titanium timepiece. This simplicity is further emphasised by the contrast of the white numerals on the blue watch dial, it really works!!

Keeping the same Functionality as the BL5470-06A, but for only a few dollars more, you get an ultimately less confused watch with a smart casual or casual persona. In my opinion worth the few extra dollars.



Strong and sturdy meet a brushed and polished finish in this classically sharp, stylish timepiece. A stainless steel bracelet and black dial add to the on trend look, while Citizen’s legendary atomic time keeping and Eco-Drive combination ensure it stays a literally timeless classic.

It also has the benefit of synchronized time adjustment across five time zones! So whether you are on: British, Eastern, Central, Mountain of Pacific time, you’ll have a watch that gives you split second accurate time!

Thanks to the Eco-Drive, you need never get the batteries changed again, with the solar panel face of the watch providing the required electricity to keep it running and functional in almost all conditions! Maybe not in the British summer though…



At the current price a seriously good buy for the lucky gent! Blue and yellow, as well as black and white, contrast seamlessly and elegantly in this beautiful watch. The fantastic Eco-Drive mechanism keeps it running without batteries, but the true show stopper??? Auto adjusting atomic time keeping across 26 world cities!!

A celebration of the famous Blue Angels, this is an ideal timepiece for the hectic traveller, be they young or old, on business or pleasure. This watch keeps you up to date, timely, and looks simply stunning.


It really depends what you are looking for in a watch. The BM8475-26E is a very affordable every day watch that could be worn at work, but isn’t exactly a dress watch. The BL5470-06A is a bit confused while the BL5250-02L hits the perfect notes for a smart casual every day watch but doesn’t feature all the technology on offer.

Moving on to the all metal wristwatches, the AT9010-52E has all the features but not so much of the style, whereas the AT8020-54L (Blue Angels) watch is beautifully designed but perhaps not to everyone’s taste, being a tribute to the Blue Angels.

Personally, for the price, my absolute favourite is the BL5250-02L. It is a great watch in terms of design, and has the functionality of the Eco-Drive mechanism.